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WiLDAF has seen the importance of engaging community radio in reaching out the community at the grass root level to get awareness on the issues of Women Human Rights.  Nyemo Fm in Dodoma aired twice per week a role play known as “Mwanamke wa Dodoma Sasa” prepared by WiLDAF in collaboration with NIMUJO Art Group.

Through the role play millions of people in Dodoma and outside Dodoma have been reached and the communities had vibrant discussions about discriminative practices such as early marriages and FGM and the importance of enrolling their children to school. This was noted through various questions and comments by the community members when they called Nyemo Fm after the role play has been aired.

(Nyemo Fm covers-Dodoma, Gairo-Morogoro, Manyoni and Ntewa-Singida and Kilindi-Tanga)


WiLDAF Community Dialogues on Women Human Rights issues in Kongwa, Bahi, Kishapu, Rungwe and Mtwara Districts reached Paralegals, Religious leaders, Mitaa Executive Officers, Local Government Leaders, Traditional Leaders, Community Development Officers, Social Welfares Officers, Immigration Officer, Police Gender and Children Desks and Ward Reconciliation Board Members, more than 56 wards and thousands of community members. It had created a platform where the community members both men and women were able to participate in the dialogues and discuss on issues of Women Human Rights.